Production in Pharma product

1. Production of dietetic products – syrups – for production of syrups, Pharma product applies process equipment with closed system of production, which enables heating of the thermo stabile components of syrup with water vapor up to 100°C, then accelerated cooling with cold water to 60°C, when through help aperture are added thermo labile components –water-alcohol extracts of herbal drugs, with continuous mixture. As it’s a closed system, there’s no loss of the content by evaporation. Syrup is then filtrated through synthetic filter (with pore openings of 80μm) under pressure, in bottles which are chemically and bacteriologically ready for use, in the facilities with laminated currency of air of correspondent quality, and they are being sealed with aluminum enameled lids with padding with the machine for shaping whorls and crimping.

2. Production of sterile water solutions (medical devices, sterile liquid galenic medicines) – water produced as a process using the modern system, purified and in necessary quantity, is transferred in the process equipment with closed production system and in its other components of the solution is dissolved. Solution is then sterilized thermally (121°C 21 min), cooled by accelerated system of cooling to 35°C, by input of sterilized air it is filtrated through microbiological filter in sterile package and sealed in the sealing machine. The whole process is executed in the qualified air, and dosage and sealing of package in the zone of laminated currency of sterilized air.

3. Production of solutions (non sterile liquid galenic medicaments, liquid preparation of general use) – production is executed in process equipment with closed production system. Dosage in appropriate packages and sealing with adequate lids takes place in facilities appropriate for the certain group of products.

4. Semi firm pharmaceutical forms for general use – manufactured in process equipment which enables heating with over-heated water vapor through double wall, mixture with special mixer which “cuts” the substance in 32 plains, and in the end cooling with cold water through double wall. Dosage is done by inserting air under pressure in the appropriate package.

Physical and chemical characteristics and microbiological quality of all products is determined by prescribed regulations in accredited laboratories.

Manufacturing facilities in production:

– Facility for production of dietetic products
– Facility for production of medical devices
– Facility for production of galenic medicines
– Facility for production of preparations for general use

Picture of production