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Company Pharma product was found in 1992. in Belgrade, and in the year 1993. was constructed a galenic laboratory for production of liquid and semi firm pharmaceutical forms. Leading idea in foundation and development of the laboratory was “help in the magisterial manufacture” to pharmacies, primarily to those which don’t have their own laboratories.

So Pharma product has become unique in production of solutions, in particular sterile solutions, (Aqua purificata, Aqua purificata sterilizat, Sol.Acidi borici 3%, sterilis, Sol.Natrii chloridi 0, 9 %, sterilis) as raw materials in magisterial manufacture. The other group of products is syrups on the basis of herbal extracts.

The basic principles of the development of Pharma product were:
– Implementation of the modern equipment, manufactured of robust materials, rustles steel, with closed system of work and
– Participation of the highly qualified staff for the manufacture of medicines.

Managers of the production are medical doctor (M.D.), primaries, specialist for the production of medicaments and graduated pharmacists, and employees are also pharmaceutics technicians and help staff. Nevertheless, PHARMA PRODUCT also cultivates family business, so the older daughter has the university diploma in management, and the younger one is future specialist for the manufacture of medicaments.

Pharma product evolves in adjustment and conformability with the European legislation. The basis of the conformity of regulations with European laws in medicament manufacture is the implementation of the good manufacture practice, in the purpose of achieving the best quality. In accordance with types of products in Pharma product was implemented the system of the quality management in 2011. International standards which were implemented are ISO 9001, 14001, 13485 and HACCP, and also in 2014 – CE mark for LENS CARE, the only registred domestic solution for the lenses in our country.

Pharma product continuously invests in their manufacture and business quarters. Presently the equipping the facility for manufacture of sterile medicaments in form of solution is in the final phase.

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