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Diluted hydrogen-peroxide 3%, 1000ml

diluted hydrogen (hydrogen peroxide) 3%, 1000ml

Diluted hydrogen-peroxide 3%, 1000ml

Hydrogen (hydrogen peroxide) is an unstable compound of oxygen and hydrogen, which spontaneously decomposes into water and nascent oxygen, a special form of highly reactive oxygen. The antiseptic and disinfectant effect of hydrogen is based on the action of this nascent oxygen, which is a very strong oxidizing agent and oxidizes microorganisms, but also epidermal skin cells. Therefore, the concentration of hydrogen used is important. A 3% hydrogen solution has an antiseptic and disinfectant effect. Antiseptics are used in smaller concentrations, and they act by preventing the growth and development of microorganisms, they are bacteriostatics. If it is about higher concentrations, then we call them disinfectants. They kill microorganisms and are bactericidal agents.

Basic uses of diluted hydrogen peroxide (3%) are:

– skin disinfection and wound cleaning

– rinsing the throat and mucous membranes

Undiluted hydrogen peroxide (3%) is used for disinfecting the skin and cleaning wounds, and for rinsing the mucous membranes, dilute the hydrogen solution (3%) in a ratio of 1:10.