Pharma product services

Pharma product in its expert team has a M.D., a primaries and specialists for the production of medicaments which with their knowledge and experience solve all problems that may occur in manufacture, in particular of liquid and semi firm pharmaceutical forms. Services refer to suggesting and selection of the appropriate technological acts or technical equipment of facilities where manufacture is conduced.

They are engaged in the development of the new pharmaceutical forms with known medical substances, as well as in the actualization of the existing pharmaceutical forms. They also participate in selection of the appropriate help materials and pharmaceutical forms in order to achieve the maximal therapeutical success of the chosen curative substance, in cooperation with experts of other branches of medicine. It also provides services of production of liquid and semi firm pharmaceutical forms of known or desired composition in larger quantities and special packs.

The basic principles of the development of Pharma product were:

Implementation of the modern equipment, manufactured of robust materials, rustles steel, with closed system of work and participation of the highly qualified staff, for the manufacture of medicines.!