Preparations of general use

Purified water – Aqua purificata 1000ml
Water is one of the most commonly used raw materials in pharmaceutical instruments. It is gained by ionic or thermal treatment of community water. More recent way of getting purified water is by process of reversed osmoses. The aim is to free water of presence of cat ions and anions (ions that give hardness to water).
Actual world legislative literature (Ph Eur 8) lets permeability of water up to 3, 98 µS, and pH in range 5 – 7.
Purified water:
• Is capable to dilute large number of medicines,
• Is compatibile with large number of substances,
• Is adequate for use from physiological aspect, considering the fact that it’s a main part of cells and main ingredient of body fluids, and always when a medicine is applied as water solution, resorption is fast and complete.
• It has good physical and chemical features: large dielectrically constant, low vapor pressure, high boiling point, good permeability (these features are caused by built of molecules of water and formation of aggregates of associated molecules of water).

Purified water is mostly used:
• In manufacture of preparations, as incipience (solutions, suspensions, extracts, parentheral preparations, preparations for ears, nose…)
• In synthesis of medicines and assisting substances;
• For reconstruction of some preparations, for example, antibiotic syrups,
• For washing and cleaning of dishes, packages, manufacture equipment and facilities,
• In process of sterilization (sterilization by vapor),
• In medicine analytics (analytics of medicine substances and pharmaceutical preparations).

Semi oily vitamin cream, 50ml
Refreshing vitamin cream WITHOUT PARABEN
Ingredients: Paraffinum liquidum, Cholesterolum, Oleum amygdalae, Vaselinum album, Oleum Jojoba, Cera lanae, Tocoferol, Aqua purificata, Perfume
Purpose of the use of preparations for care and protection of skin of face and neck is re-hidratation to skin, which makes it elastic, fresh and gentle. There are several ways of skin rehydration, but there are two basic: application of preparations with high water content when skin is hydrated directly and application of occlusive lipid layer which prevents evaporation of water from skin and retreat of water from deeper layers of skin in superficial layer.
Semi oily vitamin cream has 63% of water and natural lipid phase components. It doesn’t include conservancy, and content of emulators and other stabililsators is reduced to minimum. Content of tocopherol gives to cream features of an antioxidance. It is for use of persons with combined skin type, where the oily part is of the middle of forehead, nose and the area around the nose, area around mouth, and chin, and the rest is dry area. After use of the cream, feeling of tight skin is replaced by pleasant feeling of elastic skin. Depending of the skin type, it can be applied as a day cream or as a night cream.

Oily vitamin cream, 50ml
Oily vitamin cream for dry and sensitive skin WITHOUT PARABEN
Ingredients: Paraffinum liquidum, Tocopherol, Oleum amygdalae, Isopropyl myristat, Vaselinum album, Cera lanae, Cetaceum, Cera alba, Aqua purificata, Perfume
Oily vitamin cream has large content of natural lipid substances, minimal content of stabilizations/emulators, tocopherol as natural antioxidant substance and it’s without parabens.
Hydration of the skin is achieved by occlusion of superficial skin layers. It is for dry and sensitive skin. It is also adequate for mature skin with reduced natural absorption of oily substances in older age.

Antiride, 20ml
Cream for nutrition and regeneration of the skin around eyes and eyelids WITHOUT PARABEN
Ingrediants: Vaselinum album, Cera lanae, Cholesterolum, Cetaceum, Cera alba, Paraffinum liquidum, Butirum Cacao, Aqua purificata, Parfyme
Area around eyes is extremely sensitive to water loss from skin, because that lack is manifested as thin lines-rugs. That’s why it’s useful to apply thin layer of cream with natural lipid substances on the skin around eyes at night.

Hand cream, 100ml
Hydrating protection hand cream with silicone oil
Ingredients: Paraffinum liquidum, Galenol, Carbamidum, Vaselinum album, silicon oil, Isopropyl miristat, Methyl paraben, Propyl paraben, Perfume, Aqua purificata
Cream acts as an emollient, makes skin soft, smooth and elastic. Because of its content cream is absorbed imminently, without sticky traces. Silicone oil in the cream protects skin from over drying caused by often hand washing, and that is the reason it’s practical for use of persons who work in health care or household. Because of the simple application, cream can be used during the work without disturbing the functions.

Anti cellulite gel, 100ml, 1000g
Ingredients: ivy extract, glycerol, nipagin, nipazol, carbopol, alchol, trietanolamin, purified water
Cellulites caused by the microcirculation disorder in sub epidermal tissue and gathering of harmful products of metabolism. For the effect of anti cellulite gel is responsible glicozid hederin from ivy, which acts on capillaries, by increasing the circulation, which is assisted by massage during application of the gel on skin. It is recommended to apply the gel twice a day, after shower, on areas with cellulite and to massage with circular moves for 5-10 minutes.

Gel for ultrasound, 1000g
Ingredients: Carbopol, trietanolamin, glycerol, pulvis conservance and purified water.
Gel for ultrasound is used as contact medium during ultrasound examinations; it is non toxic and doesn’t cause skin irritation. Gel isn’t harmful and doesn’t cause corrosion of ultrasound sound and has specific technical characteristics: enables spread of the sound speed, appropriate viscosity and pH value 5.5-8.

Gel against feet sweating-Methenamin gel, 100ml
20% gel against unpleasant scent.
It is used at over-sweating and unpleasant scent of feet.
Effect: Methenamin in acid area lets formaldexid which has antimicrobial features, act on bacteria and fungi from epidermis of skin which feed of the rests of sweat and cause the unpleasant scent.
Use: Apply gel on clean feet in thin layer 2 – 3 times a week. Efficiency is increased if before putting on clean socks shoes are disinfected by appropriate disinfectional powder.

Supragel, 100ml
Anti inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent gel
Ingredients: liquid extract of chamomile, plantain and centaury, carbopol, glycerole, methyl and propyl parabens, trietanolamine and purified water.
Ingredients of chamomile extract have inhibitory effect on inflammation mediators. Extract of plantain contributes to bactericide and antiseptic features of gel and fast healing of superficial wounds, while centaury with its adstringent effect influences on retreat of symptoms of inflammation. Appropriate combination of extracts of chamomile, plantain and centaury in supragel make the complete therapeutically effect.
Supragel is used on inflamed skin, for superficial wounds on skin, pain, burns, skin puns, and injuries by trauma.
It is use by applying the gel 2-3 times a day on injured spot.

Tonic for sensitive skin, 175ml
Ingredients: Tween 80, tincture of calendula and and purified water. Superficial active substance (Tween 80) removes layers from the skin area, caused by impurities from air and surrounding as well as from make –up and cosmetic preparations applied on skin of face and neck during the day. Water-alcohol extract of calendula (T-ra Calendulae) with its antiseptic effect removes rubor and superficial skin damages. Because of the low alcohol content (13%) it can be used daily for cleaning of the skin of face and neck.

Lotion for face cleaning, 175ml
Ingredients: salicylic acid, tincture of benzoe, tincture of chamomile, alcohol and purified water.
Lotion for face cleaning is use for detail cleaning of the skin of face and neck décolletage of impurities, extra sebum and lipid layers. It is used once a week, or more often in cases of oily and problematic skin. Thanks to its content, lotion has antiseptic and anti inflammatory effect by removing eventual skin infections. With mild ceroilitic influence of salicylic acid dead cells from skin are removed, and benzoic tincture with astringent effect closes sebaceous pores and sweat glands so it protects skin of inflammation processes.

Milk for make-up removal, 175ml
Mild hydrating milk for removal of make-up and impurities from skin
Ingredients: Paraffinum liquidum, OleumAmygdalae, Cera lana, Vaselinumalbum, Isopropyl miristat, Methyl paraben, Propyl paraben, Perfume, Aqua purificata
Because of content of sufficient quantity of oily substances and water, milk efficiently removes lipoid and hydroid layers of impurities and make-up from skin of face and neck. It leaves pleasant feeling of softness to the skin.

Milk for body nutrition, 175ml
Hydration milk for daily nutrition of the skin of entire body
Ingredients: Paraffinum liquidum, OleumAmygdalae, Cera lana, Vaselinumalbum, Isopropyl miristat,Methyl paraben, Propyl parabens, Perfume, Aqua purificata
Returns moisture and softness to the skin of the body after bath.

Preparations of general use